Love God, Love Others, Love Life

We’re so glad that you’re taking the time to check us out.  We can start by summing up our beliefs in one statement: we love God and You… A LOT!

At Courage Church, we strive to be an ever-changing, living organism designed by God — our love is Alive!   We believe that the message is sacred but that the method is not, so expect the unexpected!  Here are some of our key tenets:

We are religious about relationships!

  • Your destiny is our priority.
  • We always have room for one (or ten) more.
  • We’re spiritual, but not spooky.
  • Improving our community is a priority.
  • We always tell the truth.
  • Jesus is always the main thing.
  • We believe the Bible is true, cover-to-cover.
  • We are changing ordinary into extraordinary!

We embrace the paradoxes of Christ:

  • To be First is to be Last.
  • To Give is to Receive.
  • To be Weak is to be Strong.
  • To Lead is to Follow.
  • To give up your life is to live it.
  • Values are valuable!

We have a lot of other random important values:

  • We see everyone as important & valuable.
  • We believe that life is better when enjoyed together!
  • We love unconditionally.
  • We choose joy.
  • We’re never boring.
  • We embrace change and pursue the impossible.
  • We revel in the laughter of children and boldness of teens.
  • We understand that being mature doesn’t mean you have to be like everyone else.
  • We’re committed to teamwork and seeking new ways to involve others.
  • We pray because we like to, not because we have to.
  • We view worship as a lifestyle, not a concert.
  • We live on less so that we can give more.